Museum House Semič

The new Museum House was opened on Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Semič Local Museum offers an insight into the most comprehensive presentation of the Karst world in the southeastern Slovenia region. It is home to the local museum collection, the centre of Nature of Bela Krajina, an interesting viticulture collection, the bridal room and the TIC Semič.

On the ground floor of the museum is a local museum collection that reveals visitors the history of Semič and surrounding places, and the lives of their inhabitants from prehistoric times to the end of World War II.

In the cellar is a viticulture collection restored in period style and separated from the adjacent tasting area by a nearly invisible glass wall. The interior decoration is that of a former Bela Krajina zidanica (“vineyard cottage”) still made of wood.

The Nature of Bela Krajina, the natural science collection on the ground floor presents rich flora and fauna of Bela krajina and its protected nature areas.

The collections are presented with regard to modern museum standards, interactive, educational, well-experienced and tailored for vulnerable groups. Bela Krajina is a hot point of biodiversity in Slovenia – a country that is the richest in Europe according to the surface of the wealth of living creatures!

In addition to the black human fish, the KONGERIJA shell (Congeria jalzici) is specifically presented, the only true cave shell in the world. She’s been through over 50 million years. To be easier to imagine, that was about the time the dinosaurs were extinct. It was assumed the cave shell was extinct.

In the spring of the river Krupa, cave shells were discovered in 1970, while the first live animals were discovered by divers in the spring of cave shells in 2010. This is the only site in Slovenia! What’s more, a rare country in Europe can be praised to have cave shell Congeria Jalzici on a large on the list of the cave animals!

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